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Horses and Foals

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Horses and foals are large strong animals. They can be quite hardy and enjoyable companions, but this is not without regular attention. They require consistent care and maintenance. They are also social animals that need attention, interaction with you, and activities to keep them from becoming bored.

Keeping a horse involves a dedicated commitment of both time and money. You must provide adequate shelter and an exercise area that will most likely require cleaning, as well as a variety of horse supplies. Basic horse care involves daily feeding and watering, daily exercise, and regular medical attention including vaccinations. But dedicated care will lead to optimal horse health, providing you with a fun and rewarding companion as a pet, for recreation, or for show.

As horses are grazing animals, they are used to eating all day, so the more often the better. They are generally fed twice a day: morning and evening and they also need a constant supply of fresh water.

The main component of a horse’s diet is roughage or hay. If a horse is kept on grass they may not need to be supplied with hay as long as their pastures are green. The amount and type of hay to feed depends on the horse’s size and how much exercise the horse is getting. It is a good idea to talk to people at the feed store in your area and your veterinarian about what type of hay is best for your horse.