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Horses and Foals

Pet Health Supplement

Horses and foals are large strong animals. They can be quite hardy and enjoyable companions, but this is not without regular attention. They require consistent care and maintenance. They are also social animals that need attention, interaction with you, and activities to keep them from becoming bored.

Keeping a horse involves a dedicated commitment of both time and money. You must providing adequate shelter and an exercise area that will most likely require cleaning, as well as a variety of horse supplies. Basic horse care involves daily feeding and watering, daily exercise, and regular medical attention including vaccinations. But dedicated care will lead to optimal horse health, providing you with a fun and rewarding companion as a pet, for recreation, or for show.

As horses are grazing animals, they are used to eating all day, so the more often the better. They are generally fed twice a day: morning and evening and they also need a constant supply of fresh water.

The main component of a horse’s diet is roughage or hay. If a horse is kept on grass they may not need to be supplied with hay as long as their pastures are green. The amount and type of hay to feed depends on the horse’s size and how much exercise the horse is getting. It is a good idea to talk to people at the feed store in your area and your veterinarian about what type of hay is best for your horse.

Transfer factors are the primary communications mechanism used by the immune system to defend your horse’s immune system. Transfer factors are tiny molecules that are able to convey immunity information from one entity to another to educate naive cells about a present or potential danger, along with a plan for action.

Transfer factors can boost immunity within a few hours and this makes it very beneficial for use in newborn foals.

Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor and Transfer Factor Classic are the most scientifically advanced immune support supplements for humans, cats, dogs, horses and cattle. They are formulated to keep your animals healthy and happy. Both products come in capsule form that can be given to your pet orally or pulled apart and mixed into their favourite pet food.

Transfer factors are the most exciting discovery in immunology to date. As the 21st Century unfolds, these tiny molecules will hold the key to our pet’s health and well-being.

4Life’s products are made from the finest, scientifically researched ingredients, and proven for their effectiveness. For you, it means receiving the health support your horse’s needs from supplements that you can count on for consistency and guaranteed potency each time you use them.

Transfer Factor Classic contains the original Transfer Factor XF ingredient from bovine cow colostrum only.

Transfer factor molecules function three primary ways. They:

  • Recognize and alert the immune system to the “threat”
  • Condition the immune system to respond quickly to “threats”
  • Remember the threats already encountered to promote quick response in the future.

Transfer Factor Plus Tri Factor Formula

Primary Support: Educates, enhances, and balances the immune system with the exclusive Tri-Factor Formula
Secondary Support: Cardiovascular, Energy

Your horses can now benefit from the best immune support available on the market today. Whether you use your horses in backyard pleasure, endurance trials, or high level competitive showing, Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor provides unprecedented support for the unique needs of the equine anatomy and physiology. Joe Ramaekers, DVM, has formulated what we think is the finest daily supplement obtainable for horses. The immune enhancing value of Transfer Factor Plus Tri- Factor Formula addresses the immune system like no other supplement can.

In order to support this immune system Transfer Factor is fed to horses old and young alike and is responsible for better hoof growth, promoting good bone, muscle, and increasing energy and stamina.

Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor has absolutely no toxicity or side effects even at mega doses. You may increase the amounts even further to achieve the desired level of immune efficiency.