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Medical Professionals on Transfer Factors

Dr. William Falconer, Doctor Veterinarian Medicine


Dr. William Falconer is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who graduated at the University of Missouri in 1980. His Practice then followed, with the first seven years providing conventional medical and surgical care to all creatures large and small. He felt that the drugs and surgery he had been trained in seemed to “work” for the most part. Yet, he felt some discontent, even as he gained mastery in the treatments of the day.

In 1987 he was retrained in methods natural, included certification in acupuncture, followed by certification as a Veterinary Homeopath by the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy. Since 1992 Dr Falconer has dedicated his practice to classical homeopathy with animal patients around the globe and uses transfer factors in combination with Homeopathy receiving great results.


Dr. Joe Ramaekers, Doctor Veterinarian Medicine

University of Nebraska Bachelor of Science Degree
University of Missouri Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree
Formulator of the new Animal Health 4Life Products


“For the past 32 years, my focus has been directed toward environmental variances that affect the nutritional health of companion animals as well as animals in the livestock industry. By analyzing soil, water, forage, grain, blood, and hair, then combining these findings with clinical observation, I have been able to draw conclusions that allowed me to formulate diets that correct a wide range of nutritional deficiencies and excesses. The experience I have gained by working closely with my clients to design customized diets led to creating a premix that would address these same situations without having to customize each one. Development of this premix led me into a relationship with 4Life Research and Transfer Factor Plus.


Dr Ken Marcella, Doctor Veterinarian Medicine

Dr Kenneth Marcella
Business; Ambulatory Equine Veterinary Practice
5060 Sugar Pike Rd Suite 101, Canton, Georgia 30115


Dr. Marcella DVM, graduated in 1983 from Cornell University’s Veterinary College and went on to become a professor of Comparative Medicine at the University of Virginia. He now owns a private sport horse practice where he provides superior equine veterinary care to Alpharetta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Within the endurance world, Ken has vetted many endurance rides, including as an FEI vet, Head Treatment Vet at the PanAm Endurance Championship in 2004, and Head Vet for the AERC National Championship in 2008. His interests focus mainly on muscle damage, lameness, and performance of horses.

Dr Marcella DMV has used transfer factors for many years and loves the results.

Dr William Hennen, Ph.D

William J. Hennen, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. William (Bill) J. Hennen is a bio-chemist with over 14 years of experience as an academic researcher and professor of drug design and development. For over 20 years, he has developed formulations for the natural/nutritional product industry. Dr. Hennen has an extraordinary history of success in developing cutting edge products for Direct Sales companies including 4Life Research Pty Ltd. As the previous Chief Scientific Officer for 4Life, Dr. Hennen oversaw the development of all 4Life Products and their innovative product ingredients. He is regarded as one of the foremost authorities in the world on Transfer Factors; in fact, he literally “wrote the book” on the subject.

Bill has spoken internationally on nutrition through dietary supplementation. He has extensive experience in marketing, development, education and registration and regulatory affairs both globally and domestically. He has authored over 30 patents and several books as well as peer-reviewed papers in bio-organic, medicinal and nutritional chemistry. Bill received his Ph.D. in bio-organic chemistry at Utah State University, Logan, Utah.

“Transfer factors makes up a highly concentrated immune messaging system, designed by nature to transfer immune programming from one individual to another, both human and animal alike. Transfer factors are the most exciting discovery in immunology. As the 21st Century unfolds, transfer factor will be one of our greatest keys to health and well being.” Dr Bill Hennen


Dr Richard Bennett Ph.D.


Dr Richard Bennett is an Infectious Disease Microbiologist and Immunologist with 21 years of experience working for the University of California where he specialized in food and water quality and safety.

As one of the founding members of the 4Life Health Services Advisory Board (HSAB), Dr. Bennett is an active consultant to the 4Life Research and Development team. He holds a Doctorate in Comparative Pathology from the University of California, where he worked for 25 years conducting research focused on the practical aspects of protecting food and water systems from microbes that degrade quality and pose threats to health and safety. Dr. Bennett has also done extensive research on the influence of transfer factors on antibody production and its development in immune modulations. Dr Bennett’s research on mammary immunity provided some of the first observations of the unique cellular immune attributes of colostrum, which led to the recognition of colostral transfer factors.